Simplify your school life.

With the most innovative learning platform ever.

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Free Plan

Most of our amazing features are avaliable even without paying a penny. This includes a management system for your homeworks, a timetable with up-to-date changes from your school's server and a great system to keep an eye on your grades everywhere you go.


Premium Plan

With our premium plan you wil get even more amazing features like access to our giant world-wide database on which you can find old class tests and excercises from earlier years. Also you can use our social features where you can exchange learning methods, knowledge and experiences with other students world-wide. Also you can create chats and chat-groups with other users to exchange direct messages. You will get all of the above for just 5$ per month.


Being paid

Yes, you heard that right. With helping other people which have a problem solving an excercise you can earn money. You can use this money either to finance your next monthly payment or you can pay it off directly. To get more informations, click here.

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On all of your devices

You can use sixhours whereever and whenever you want. Just download the app, it is avaliable for all devices except of iPhones (Sorry not sorry). It is avaliable for free and in almost every country in the world.

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